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Greater Golden Horseshoe

Traditional Accounting And Tax Services
 +  iAccountants Promises
that takes your compliance pain away         
        Numbers appropriate to your KPIs
 +  Focus On Business and Financial Success                    
        Trusted Wisdom Questions to light your way
         Relationships that help you to be successful
     Powerful Seminars with important wisdom for strategic decisions      
  Open Source Software to Help You Save Big!     
  +  Corporate Memory Building
Via Communities of Practice,
    Smart Taxonomies
        And Simple Machines

We Help You Devise Your Taxonomy
         Build Your Corporate Memory

  And Grow Your Community Of Practice

   We Help You Increase Profits And Worth

                 Improved Dialogue And Connections
                 Improved Learning And Decisions
                 Systemic Integration Of Know How and Work Product
                 Systemic Organization Of Business Strategies, Tools
                 No More Reinventing The Wheel
                 No More Losing Know How When People Leave
                 Flattened Learning Curves For Newcomers


We Are On Line There With You
We Ask Trusted Wisdom Questions
We Champion Open Source Software
We Are CMB Certified 
We will only undertake an engagement if we can agree, to our mutual satisfaction,
that we can successfully deliver the value we promise, and that this value is greater than the price we charge.
Communicate More Securely
Work Smarter
Learn Better
Remember More
For Canadian Accounting Professionals
  iAccountant Licensees Operate  Under Obligations In Terms  And Agreement
For Right To Name And Brand Assets And To Operate Locally As An iAccountant

Obtain And Maintain And Promote CMB Designation alongside CPA (Equivalent) designation
Be A Profitable Local Driving Force Ensuring Delivery Of Promised Brand Services And Value
Build And Grow A Local Group Of Experts Around Your Own Community Of Practice
Present Seminars Via Branded Content
Drive And Lead Local Economic Gardening Initiative
CPA District Leadership  Involvement

Info L inc materials and resources combine to provide a potent arsenal of resources for visionary
energetic Canadian accounting professionals interested in making a significant local impact.

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  Become Capable Of  Leading Your Community Into The Future
  Canadian Accounting Profession

  2016 -  As We Are Now

  Assurance Providers
  All The Rest

Why You?
What Is Your Difference?

  Redefine Accounting
   Corporate Memory Keeping

  Redefine Your Primary Roles

  Redefine Your Personal Mission
  Obtain Designation And Help Grow New Specialty
Professional Development Credits
Provided To All Course Participants

For CPA Designation Only
Successfully Designated CMBs Qualify As iAccountant Licensees For As Long As They Adhere To Agreement

For All Others
CMBs Acquire Skills Transferable to Corporate, Non Profit, Government and Consulting Situations, and May Be Considered For iAccountant License Opportunities


Step One-Registration $75
Step Two-Certification $2689.00


Other Standing and Experience Considered
We will only accept candidates we believe can grow to deliver the value we promise.
Provide valuable insights into corporate memory building using smart taxonomies and
communities of practice and Simple Machines. Successful graduates are designated a CMB.

iAccountants enter into a separate agreement with Info l inc  

Smart Taxonomies

Communities of Practice
Simple Machines
Trusted Business and Financial Wisdom
Open Source Software

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CMB Designation Demonstrates Proficiency With CMB Materials and Smart Taxonomies and Communities of Practice and Practical Corporate Memory Implementations
The Designation Is Administered By Info L inc. It Comprises a Means To Acquire a Valuable Skill Set For Corporate, Non Profit, Government and Consulting Executives
The Designation Comes With Unique Graduation Recognition and Displays

iAccountant License Available to designated Professional accountants. Some others may qualify

Qualification logos are the properties of the respective professions and associations. Everything else is ©2016 Info L inc