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We Help Professional Accountants Unleash Their Potential So They Can Do The Same For Their Clients and Communities

Add Value, Not Just Numbers

Traditional Accounting And Tax

iAccountants Promises
that takes your tax compliance pain away  
appropriate to your KPIs
 Focus On Success                    
        Trusted Wisdom Questions to light your way
        Relationships that help you to be successful
       Powerful Seminars for strategic decisions      

  Open Source Software
We know, use and champion FREE!
+  Corporate Memory Building
     Help Your Client Communicate And
Collaborate More Effectively And Securely


      Create A Configured, Private, Secure Forum
             That Reflects What Your Client Does
          And Helps Them To Become Better At It

Increase Profits and Worth Via
       Improved Dialogue and Connections
       Improved Learning and Decisions
       Systemic Integration Of Know How and Work Product
       Systemic Organization Of Business Strategies, Tools
       No More Reinventing The Wheel
       No More Losing Know How When People Leave
       Flattened Learning Curves For Newcomers

+  Community  Building Tools


   Organize and Drive a Local Community Cohort
       Build Your Circle of Experts and Referral Network
         Together Target Top Local Business Owners
         Together Envision a Long Term Community Project
         Collaborate To Make It Happen and Strengthen Team Bonds
   It All Adds Up To Business And Financial Success
For You, Your Clients And Your Community


These Resources Help You

Help Your Clients And Community

Become More Successful

Resources For iAccountants 
Become Capable Of Leading Your Community Into The Future

Info L inc materials and resources combine to provide a potent arsenal of resources for visionary
energetic Canadian accounting professionals interested in making a significant local impact.

 Why Settle For An Ordinary CPA?
  Why Limit Yourself As An Assurance Provider & "The Rest"?

 The iAccountant Difference

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        Corporate Memory Keeping
                   Redefine Your Primary Roles
                    Redefine Your Personal Mission
                    Redefine Your Success

      Course Graduates
Professional Development Credits Provided To All Course Participants

For CPA Designation Only
Successfully Designated CMBs Qualify As iAccountant Licensees
For As Long As They Adhere To Agreement
For All Other Graduates
CMBs Acquire Skills Transferable to Corporate, Non Profit, Government and Consulting Situations, 

Step One-     Registration $75
Step Two-      Certification $2689.00
Step Three-   iAccountants Agreement-Annual License Fees and Royalties Apply

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